Bringing Nature Closer to You

Presented by Luana Coonen

Luana Coonen
Anatomical Heart LocketLuana became self-trained to work with polycarbonate and acrylics to expand the possibilities of working with natural materials. Instead of working with precious rubies and diamonds, she chooses to work with mundane found natural materials- moth wings, bits of lichen, leaf skeletons, to amplify these simple objects and bring them a new life. Her work is a conversation, to stop and make us question what is beautiful, important, and what is hidden in our daily lives which we walk by without noticing

She will talk about her journey as a goldsmith working for the last 15 years with found materials from natural to plastics, especially in discovering her voice creating natural-themed jewelry pieces. She will go into depth about her aesthetics choices, career lessons, and how she became self-taught to work with these unusual materials.

As life has woven into a career, she will discuss the highs and lows her business while moving her jewelry studio several times from California, to Ireland & then to Hawaii, and the effects life events can have on a business.

Luana will describe her journey to an award-winning designer and successful jewelry business, starting with her training right here in the Bay Area, and how keeping the connections to who you are and where your home is located are important to keep your aesthetic vision clear.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 7:30 pm
Social half-hour at 7:00 pm with coffee/tea

Courtyard Marriott, 5555 Shellmound, Emeryville, 94605.  The parking lot is a gated surface lot around the hotel.  Bring your parking ticket into the hotel; get it validated after the meeting and BSNC will pay the parking fee.  Members free with membership card, non-members $5

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