Mathematical Bead Weaving and Symmetry

Presented by Gwen Fisher

Bead Infinitum by Gwen Fisher
Gwen Fisher weaves with beads to appeal to people an affinity to design.  She uses mathematics as an inspiration for the structure of her creations.  Pattern and order appeals to most people and her bead art appeals to the discovery of the familiar in the “unfamiliar”.  The neat thing about bead weaving is that it can be created to any scale.  Gwen creates little clusters of beads that become as small as a charm or as large as a sculpture that can sit on your desk.  The neatest part is that she translates her over 15 years of mathematic expertise into use with beads into creating a physical object that you can hold in your hands and actually SEE the math lesson come to fruition.

She began weaving beads in 2005, and by 2007 she had left her tenured position at Cal Poly to become a full time “mathematical artist” ~ we are going to find out what that means and how she has created a new meaning to being a math wiz.

A bead is anything with a hole, and that hole can be thought of as a line segment that is oriented in a three-dimensional space.  For example, a triangle is composed of 3 line segments, and a cube has 12. Applying mathematics to bead weaving will be explained and she will help us identify and classify many of her elegant beaded structures.  In her talk, she will show many examples of objects that she has beaded and explain the forms that they use.  Gwen will show photos of beadwork proving the beauty of mathematics and how it works into bead weaving ~ especially with the wondrous beaded beads that we see in beading magazines and on-line today.

Gwen has had articles published in Beadwork and Bead & Button magazines.  She has published numerous papers on bead weaving and other forms of mathematical art. There are numerous tutorials on her website: as well as on her Etsy site at


Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at 7:30 pm
Social half-hour at 7:00 pm with coffee/tea

Courtyard Marriott, 5555 Shellmound, Emeryville, 94605.  The parking lot is a gated surface lot around the hotel.  Bring your parking ticket into the hotel; get it validated after the meeting and BSNC will pay the parking fee.  Members free with membership card, non-members $5

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